"The collection of short stories is one of the best pieces of fiction you’ll read this fall....The stories are brilliant flashes, like the view from a train going in and out of tunnels. In between, like in the tunnels, you’ll see yourself in the darkened glass."  Style Weekly   Read full review

"Resch George's writing aptly understands and demonstrates the basic premise of all great storytelling: the crucial connection between character and action that gives meaning to both. Readers of these stories will become absorbed in the pages because they will be immediately drawn into caring for the memorable characters that come alive within, and the circumstances and actions that affect their lives. The stories in EXPOSURE simmer without succumbing to sensationalistic plots or preposterous predicaments—and the writing is so effective that you never really appreciate it... until the last sentence is read."     

—Thom Didato, publisher, failbetter.com

"The stories in EXPOSURE sear like light trails, glimmering and striking their lyrical, luminous pitch. Resch George's characters are searchers, feeling through the darkness of their suburban lives to the edges that shape a deeper truth by which to reckon their experiences and their desires—always conscious of the pulse beneath the surface. They are on the cusp, their lives on the verge of breaking or blooming or both. With the sensibility of a poet, Resch George has built stories that spark and sing."

—Allison Titus, The Arsonist's Song Has Nothing To Do With Fire

"This is a stirring, exquisite, heartbreaking yet hopeful book. Resch George's pitch-perfect stories brim over with life—longing, love, sorrow, and the great question of which parts of ourselves we should illuminate and narrate. Whether describing joy or pain, the writing feels both effortless and exquisite, the work of a true master of the form. The book deserves a place on your shelf of favorites, where you'll reach for it again and again."

—Susann Cokal, The Kingdom of Little Wounds